Zine Of The Month “Retrospective”
November 2- December 8, 2013

Booklyn Artists Alliance
37 Greenpoint Avenue 4FL – Brooklyn

Zine Of The Month is a project started in 2009 that releases limited-edition and handmade artist zines, featuring collaborations between printer and publisher Mark Price and a plethora of Philadelphia and New York based artists. Each monthly publication is hand-printed and bound by Price at Space 1026, a long standing artist co-op and exhibition space in the Chinatown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Zine Of The Month has involved many artists who work and who keep studios at Space 1026. The monthly releases are offered through a yearly subscription and feature varying reproduction and binding techniques including screen printing and photocopying to translate the artists’ work to the intimate and tactile medium of ‘zines.

Booklyn will host a retrospective exhibition with a library of past releases on view, coupled with print ephemera from the project, and a gallery of original works by artists who have participated in the project including Beth Brandon, Jason Hsu, Hilary Price, Abbey L Sarver, Max Seckle, Lance Simmions, Miriam Singer, Jason Rusnock, and James Ulmer.


Each month or so features a new zine by different artists published by Mark Price Is A Factory and friends.


Summer 2013 – No more New Subscriptions available!


Subscribe anytime and for the next year get the next 10 ‘zines delivered to your mail box starting with this months release! Individual issues are also available here.

January – TBA

2012 Releases:

December – OBSESSIVE THEMES - Mark Price
November – EXCESS DEBRIS – Mark Price
October – GLOBAL… by Mark Price
September – UNTITLED by Max Seckel
August – DECORATIVE MEANING by Mark Price
July – *Off for Summer break*
June – ON PRIVATE LAND by Mark Price
May – UNTITLED by Crystal Stokowski
April – STAY BOGUS by Bonnie Brenda Scott
February – FULL FORCE… by Space 1026
January – DFWORLD by DFW crew